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Vegas Face/Body Painting Jamtacular Expo

When: Feb 24-28, 2013

I will be teaching a class at the Las Vegas/Body Painting Jamtacular Expo on the ancient art form of Henna.  There we ill be hands on demonstrations, henna supplies available as well as tips, secrets, do’s an don’ts as well as historical backgrounds for those that are interested.  Pre-registration is $15 for the class and $20 at the door.  Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

More information and a link here to contact and register for your classes. Some amazing teachers adn body artists will be in attendance.

More information:

Download schedules and outlines here (PDF):

February 24-28th,2013, this fun jam event is to fill the gap left by the face & body painting convention changing locations for 2013.
Created by artists for artists, this is a very organic, grass roots take on a convention. Instead of locking you down to just one hotel/casino, we’ve left your choice of hotel accommodations up to you.
Our jams will happen in different parts of the city, giving you a taste of the real Las Vegas!

Consider this to be the SUPER SAVER of the convention/jams! We have kept the costs low so everyone can take advantage of this amazing artists community. All classes are being sold ALA CARTE! Passing the savings on to you!

Instead of paying one large price then struggling to pick & choose your classes, inevitably regretting missing this/that class (that was paid for btw) at VFBP you pay only for the classes you REALLY want to take. Because we were limited in our workshop space, most classes are happening simultaneously. This we regret, but at least you only paid for the one you took!

We have kept the jams FREE! And the Expos ar FREE as well!

See the map below for directions and location information:

VFBP   Google Maps


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