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  • Mom and Willow

    Mom and Willow. A little girl who is close to my heart.

  • Perfect Feet

    Traditional feet of a bride, dressed for the wedding after the mud has been removed.

  • Full Back

    One of my most memorable pieces and model.

  • Large piece

    Done on the back, this piece put the model to sleep.

  • Dragon

    Produced from a small image freehand upon request.

Rahja has been involved in art since she can remember.  Her grandparents promoted her talents and supported her involvement with a performance background that blossomed through high school and college as a performing arts major. Classically trained in instrumental and vocal music, she expanded learning Jazz and folkloric instruments.  Her background in theater as well as art have all culminated into a love for the re-creation of European History, specifically that of the Middle East.  Now Rahja uses her talents as a freelance artist, graphic artist and marketing consultant enjoying her climbing popularity in body art using all natural products. Rahja now resides in Las Vegas but has traveled extensively and worked all over the country promoting the healthy growth to the appreciation of Henna and its art form.

Learning from perseverance and dedication, Rahja has taken this art form to new levels doing beautiful and original pieces that are only captured on film after her work disappears.

Rahja has shown a love for fine and performing arts since she was a young girl, taking up the violin at the tender age of 4 and continuing to challenge herself with new and interesting mediums and passions. Henna has offered her a chance to perform and create with a love for an audience and ability to leave the audience with artwork unique in it’s own right.

Recently published in Belly Dance Magazine, A Raqs Sharqi Magazine (Issue 2 & 3) (no longer in print), Rahja continues to identify with the local community as a designer, artist, seamstress, dancer and now as a writer. Rahja gives special thanks to the Editors of of Belly Dance Magazine for the opportunity to teach and educate about Henna and hopes to continue to offer contributions to the e magazine as a writer.

Since coming to Las Vegas, she can be found all over  taking part in festivals, corporate events and cultural celebrations.

Rahja has taken great care in keeping education of the dangers of ‘Black Henna’ in the forefront of her mind as well as educating the public on 100% natural body art alternatives, such as Jagua.

Everything from weddings, personal pampering sessions as well as corporate parties and conventions, Rahja is available. Make sure to book your party far enough in advance.

Even though Henna is a medium that Rahja has come to be known for her work in other mediums have been extensive as well. Some also very unique elements.  You can see some of these works and even purchase them from her “Links” page.

Her work continues in ink, leather, Prismacolors, sculpting, acrylics and other mixed mediums.  She enjoys the challenge of using items that are not seen every day, and turning them into appreciated works of art for all to enjoy.


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